Three new papers!

I have three papers out this autumn!

One of them is describing the insect diversity in the heart of the Lut Desert in Iran, known as the hottest spot on the surface of the Earth! This work is outcome of two field missions in 2014 in which we did a survey of the unknown regions of the central Lut. This paper is published in Biodiversity Journal and is available from the link below:

The second paper is an extended report of our mission in the Antarctic in early 2020 which is accepted for publication in Antarctic Record. Full paper is not available yet, but you can read the abstract from the link below. I will upload the full text once it’s uploaded to the NIPR server.

The third paper that I am really proud of (!), is part of the work that I conducted during the last 500 days! Developing cerium stable isotope measurements at the Laboratoire G-Time, showing lots of potential for future works and accepted for publication in Talanta. The link to the article:

Enjoy reading and let me know if you have any questions.


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