Project funding accepted!

Yessss! I got the great news that my project on the behavior of the REE during extreme chemical weathering is accepted for funding by the Belgian “Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique-Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique”! I am so happy about it! It will give me the opportunity to perform a bit of shift in […]

A new paper is out!

I am so happy to announce publication of one of my works on the effects of terrestrial weathering on elemental and isotopic composition of meteorites in Chemical Geology! It is available from here: If you don’t have access, you can download the accepted version from here: Also you can read my Tweets about […]

Three new papers!

I have three papers out this autumn! One of them is describing the insect diversity in the heart of the Lut Desert in Iran, known as the hottest spot on the surface of the Earth! This work is outcome of two field missions in 2014 in which we did a survey of the unknown regions […]

Webinar in Farsi – Meteorites from hot and cold deserts

🖥 “وبینار “در جستجوی سنگ‌های فرازمینی از بیان‌های گرم تا سرد📌 مدرس: حامد پورخرسندیشهاب‌سنگ‌ شناسپژوهشگر پسادکتری زمین‌شناسی ایزوتوپی و شیمی کیهانی دانشگاه بروکسل 📆 شنبه ۱۶ فروردین ۹۹🕘 ساعت ۲۰ تا ۲۱:۳۰ 💳 هزینه ثبت نام در وبینار: ۲۰ هزار تومان 🔴 منظومه‌ شمسی کی و چگونه تشکیل شده است؟سحابی اولیه منظومه شمسی حاوی چه […]

Interview with Euronews Farsi

Euronews Farsi interviewed me recently about the asteroid (52768) 1998 OR2 which comes “close” to the Earth. It is available via this link: And: Or you can read it here: آیا سیارک ماه مارس زمین را نابود می‌کند یا می‌توان منحرف و منفجرش کرد؟ نگارش از اشکان خسروپور  •  به روز شده در: ۱۰/۰۳/۲۰۲۰ – ۱۲:۴۰ کپی رایت […]