Getting prepared for the Antarctica

Planned for departure to South Africa and later to the Antarctica, I am spending my last days of preparation in Brussels. I along with three other scientists will spend ~ 45 days down there looking for meteorites in the Nansen Blue Ice Field. Wish me luck! I will keep you posted via Instagram, Tweeter, and […]

Taqtaq-e Rasoul: a new Iranian meteorite fall

Recently, we classified a new Iranian meteorite which fell on 10th of August this year. Our geochemical and petrographic studies showed that it is an H5 chondrite. Taqtaq-e Rasoul is the fifth fall from Iran, three of them (with Famenin and Moshampa) classified by us! Fall description and classification reports are now available in the […]


I am so honored to receive the thesis award of the Aix-Marseille Université, the largest university in France. My doctoral thesis was selected as the best thesis in the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Science and among the 15 thesis selected out of 763 doctoral thesis defended in 2018.

New paper to be published in MAPS

Our paper on the REE composition of hot desert meteorites will be published in the journal “Meteoritics and Planetary Science”! I had started to work on this paper since March 2015! Finished and gave the first draft to colleagues in October 2015 and submitted it in June 2016 and it was accepted in June 2017! […]